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Managing Weight Loss Setbacks

We are all human. Whether school, work or our health, we have all likely experienced setbacks in life.


And that’s ok.


What matters most during a setback is how quickly you gain control of the situation.


In the case of managing set backs when trying to stick with a healthy eating and fitness plan, here are some tips to keep you on track.


Avoid a setback to begin with.


Been eating well for weeks and feel like you need a reward. Don’t reward yourself with food. Rewarding yourself with food is one of the quickest ways to fall into that downward spiral of old habits. Reward yourself with a new running shirt or something pampering, like a massage or pedicure.


Understand how to get off a plateau.


Many people get easily discouraged when they are stuck at a plateau in their weight loss. A plateau can occur after you have lost 10% of your weight and can last a couple of weeks. As you begin a new habit of diet and exercise, your body will eventually adapt, therefore it doesn’t have to exert as much energy and calories into doing it. When you reach these plateaus, readjust your calories and activities to get things moving again but most importantly, don’t give up!


Temptations and cravings are a big challenge for many of us. We pass by a fast food restaurant and see a big juicy burger on the sign calling our name. Once we start to change our behavior that leads to cravings, we will soon reach a lifestyle change. That moment where you haven’t given into temptation and cravings for weeks will soon become a moment where you don’t even want it anymore.


Manage expectations.


There are stages we all go through when we desire a change in our lives. In terms of weight loss, it’s important to remember that you didn’t put the weight on overnight and you can’t take it off overnight. Give yourself time.


Setbacks can be extremely discouraging. While you may go up a few steps and back down a step, it’s important to persevere by keeping motivated and focused on your goals.


It’s never too late to change your life.


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