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Nutrition Tips…Twitter Style


Have you gotten your company on the road to wellness? Executive fitness, anyone?


Want to encourage more people to join you in your journey? Consider sharing nutrition tips on your social media channels to see how big of a following you can get!


Need some help getting started? Try this Tweets and see what happens!


• Think eating #healthy needs to be expensive? Think again! Check out these healthy, cheap ingredients –


• Remove the #temptation—don’t keep junk food in the house! Healthy snacks will help your family stay on track.


• Don’t eat a small number of big meals; eat a big number of small meals! #diettip


• If you eat small snacks during the day, you won’t #overeat at meals! #diettip


• Many of us don’t feel human until our first cup of joe in the morning. Here are the pros and cons of drinking #coffee:


• Try substituting hummus for mayo in your dressed egg #recipes. Tastes great and far healthier!


• Hold the #salt! According to the CDC, 9 out of 10 adult Americans eat too much salt every day –


• If you’re consistently feeling #tired, the reason might be on your plate –


• Find out which foods may be able to fight high #cholesterol –


• Find out if your thumb is green with these tips to starting your own #garden! –


• We’ve all attempted a #diet and failed. Here are five tips to make your next one a success –


• Tip to reduce weight: Turn your head to the left and then to the right. Repeat #exercise when offered junk food.


• Even if you exercise regularly, your body needs plenty of nutrients to keep it working at 100 percent. #nutrition


• In-season produce is fresher, cheaper and better for the environment! Research what produce is in season before you shop. #nutrition


• Easy #nutrition tip: Eat slower. It takes a while for your brain to realize that you’re full. Eat slower and you’ll eat less.


• When you eat at home, you eat healthier. When you cook a meal, make extra servings to freeze and eat later instead of fast food. #nutrition


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